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All pieces are handblown, sizes are approximate. 17″ Straight Tube/Vessel/Bong/Waterpipe Welded 10Arm Chamber/Perc To Fortify Integrity Branded w/Crystal Cluster Logo 18mm Female Joint 18mm to 14mm Fire Polished Six Slitted Diffuser Branded Downstem w/Flush Mount 14mm Male Slide/Cone Bowl Included Half Moon Ice Catch Heavy Wall 50x5mm Boro Schott Tubing Color Mouthpiece/Lip & Base/Foot w/Classic Script Decal

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Available in 13 colors

Amber Purple, Aqua, Blue Cheese, Blue Stardust, Green Stardust, Jet Black, Orange Crayola, Peacock, Pink Slyme, Purple Lollipop, Red Elvis, Slyme, Yellow Crayola